HPJC Signs on to Letter Calling for Immediate Cease Fire in Gaza

May 2024

HPJC’s Executive Committee, with no objections, has agreed to sign on to a letter developed by a “one voice coalition” of peace and justice organizations in the greater Houston metropolitan area driven by conscience to appeal to the Houston Mayor, City Council and our representatives in Congress to do what over 100 other cities, municipalities and local entities and their representatives have done, to call for an immediate cease fire in Gaza. We also call for the release of all hostages by both sides.

Around the world the horror of the more than 35,000 casualties of the war in Gaza, heavily represented by women and children, is a humanitarian disaster and worsening due to lack of food, water, shelter, and medical supplies. The entire population of Gaza is facing either crisis, emergency, or catastrophic levels of food insecurity. We call on all parties to prioritize the preservation of human life above all else. During this ceasefire, we call on all parties to unconditionally:

1. Facilitate the delivery of lifesaving assistance, including food, medical supplies, fuel, and the resumption of electricity and internet to Gaza, in addition to safe passage of humanitarian and medical staff. 
2. Allow humanitarian convoys to reach UN facilities, schools, hospitals, and health facilities in northern Gaza and commit to protecting them along with the civilians and staff.
3. Allow patients in critical condition to be medically evacuated for urgent care.

We also ask that you call on our elected representatives in the U.S. Congress to stop providing arms and tactical weapons to the State of Israel until a permanent cease fire is in place and an agreement to end the war is negotiated.