Peacemaker Awards

HPJC’s Peacemaker Awards Dinner is an annual celebration honoring local Houston leaders and national voices for peace and justice.

These are the outstanding national and local recipients HPJC has honored:

2023 National Peacemaker Award: Texas Observer (Gabriel Arana & Josephine Lee)
Local Honorees: Kristen Schlemmer, Jacilet Griffin, Lorena Perez McGill

2022 National Peacemaker Award:  Dr. Reuben Jonathan Miller
Local Honorees: Drs. Peter Hotez and Maria Elena Bottazzi, Lenore Walker, Rep. Senfronia Thompson

2021 Peacemaker Award (given jointly with My Brother’s Keeper-Houston):
George Floyd Foundation and James Byrd Jr Family
Local Honorees: (none in 2021 due to pandemic)

2020 National Peacemaker Award:  Shannon Watts
Local Honorees: Martina Grifaldo, Meals on Wheels Houston, Moms Demand Action

2019 National Peacemaker Award:  Roxanne Dunbar-Otiz
Local Honorees: Undies for Everyone, Judge Lina Hidalgo and Egberto Willies

2018 National Peacemaker Award: Chuck Collins
Local Honorees: Dr. Gerald Horne, United We Dream (HTX Chapter) and the Children’s Prison Arts Project

2017 National Peacemaker Award: Chief Arvol Looking Horse
Local Honorees: Diane Wilson, Jacquelyn Battise, and the Texas Organizing Project (TOP)

2016 National Peacemaker Award: Sonia Nazario
Local Honorees: Ashton Woods, Jackie Young, and Bren Hardt

2015 National Peacemaker Award: Chris Hedges
Local Honorees: Benjamin Craft-Rendon, Yudith Nieto, and the Texas Criminal Justice Coalition

2014 National Peacemaker Award: Medea Benjamin
Local Honorees: Dr. Robert Bullard, the Station Museum of Contemporary Art and “5 Dynamic Young Latinas” Jannell Robles, Maria Xiquin-Espinosa, Dayana Gomez Mendoza, Acuña-Arreaza & Silvia Chicas

2013 National Peacemaker Award: Dennis Kucinich
Local Honorees: Francisco (Pancho) Arguelles, Christine Kovic, Lisa Falkenberg, and Mustafaa Carroll

2012 National Peacemaker Award: Bryan Stevenson
Local Honorees: Margaret Nosek, PhD., Ovide Duncantell, and “Justice for Janitors” (Alice McGee/Adriana Vasquez)

2011 National Peacemaker Award: Jim Hightower
Local Honorees: Johnny Mata, Center for the Healing Racism, and Food Not Bombs

2010 National Peacemaker Award: Dr. Helen Caldicott
Local Honorees: Texans Together, Richard Shaw, Sylvia Gonzales, and Awanda Whitworth (special posthumous award)

2009 National Peacemaker Award: Helen Thomas
Local Honorees: Ester King,  Col. Ann Wright, Houston Peace News, and the Progressive Forum Radio Show

2008 National Peacemaker Award: Center for Constitutional Rights
Local Honorees: MECA, Rothko Chapel, UH Students Against Sweatshops

2007 National Peacemaker Award: Cindy Sheehan
Local Honorees: Rodney Ellis, Houston Area Women’s Center, Bob Randall

2006 National Peacemaker Award: Roy Bourgeois
Local Honorees: Amy Branham, Ray Hill, Omawale Luthuli

2005 National Peacemaker Award: Bob Jensen
Local Honorees: Garnet Coleman, Sissy Farenthold, Maria Jimenez

2004 National Peacemaker Award: Kathy Kelly
Local Honorees: SHAPE Community Center, Texans Against Gun Violence, Marilyn White

2003 National Peacemaker Award: Rep. Barbara Lee
Local Honorees: Ada Edwards, KPFT, Gordon Quan

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