Board Resources

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Here are some HPJC resources collected together, primarily for use by our Board, although none of these are confidential and thus may be shared with others if needed.

If you have suggestions of more things to add here, please write to info(at)hpjc(dot)org

Bylaws: hpjc_bylaws_2010

Articles of Incorporation: hpjc_articles_of_incorporation

Periodic Update of Corporate Info to TX SOS due every two years:

Texas Comptroller Tax Exemption Verification Letter

Strategic Plan (includes Mission and Vision): HPJC_Strategic_Plan_2014

Policies: HPJC_Policies 2019 MAY 13

990’s (tax returns):

IRS Tax Exemption Letter and documentation to provide to request Exemption of Texas Sales Tax: Instructions and Forms Sales Tax

Reimbursement Request Form to Download and Print and submit as hard copy: hpjc reimbursement form     and  example-hpjc-reimb-form-how to fill out

Link to online method to submit Reimbursement Requests:   ONLINE REIMBURSEMENT REQUEST

Budget – current year – HPJC Budget -FY2024

Officers & Executive Committee Responsibilities: HPJC_Exec_and_Standing_Committee_Responsibilities

Master Schedule of HPJC Activities: Master Schedule-Projects-Admin-Activities-Events

Presentation Slides for Board Orientation & Strategic Planning Workshops – Feb. 2022

Presentation Slides for Board Orientation & Planning Workshop – Jan. 2023