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Peace Camp 2024 – Register today!

We have two more weeks in July – one for grades 1-6, and another for grades 7-12.

Sign up your children for Peace Camp Houston, and tell your friends and relatives. Space is limited so sign up today! Pre-registration is required.

We have 3 weeks of Peace Camp this year – see below. Campers who will be in grades 1-12 this fall are welcome. Activities are different for the younger and older campers.

Peace Camp Goals

  • To teach concepts of peace, equality, and justice at the appropriate age level.
  • To encourage the development of self-esteem and critical thinking skills.
  • To encourage respect for the environment and each other.
  • To introduce peaceful non-violent conflict management skills and alternatives to competition and violence.
  • To provide an opportunity for children of diverse backgrounds to create comfortable relationships.


Camp Sessions are Monday through Friday, 9 AM – 3:00 PM*. *After-Camp Care Hours will be available if requested in advance.

June 10-14 – for campers who will be in 1st – 12th Grade this fall:

  • (already past)

– – – – – – – –

July 9-12 (for age 6 years through 6th grade) and July 22-26 (for 7th grade through 12th grade):

NOTE: See https://hpjc.org/peace-camp/ for updates to the July 9-12 session due to Tropical Storm Beryl.

  • Houston Mennonite Church (in northwest Houston)
  • 1231 Wirt Rd
  • Houston, TX 77055

Click HERE for the Peace Camp Registration Form

General information about Peace Camp Houston:

For each week, the camp runs from 9 am to 3 pm – day camp only! We plan for staff to be there by 8:30 am each day so you can drop off your children after that time. After-camp care is available if requested in advance on the registration form. For children of all ages, parents must register them in advance.

Don’t wait, as each week of Peace Camp almost always fill up! Join us in helping our youth and community become more peaceful, and to learn skills that will help them throughout life.

Peace Camp is not religious, and welcomes all children.

Tuition is just $200 per week for grades 1-6, and $100 for those who will be in grades 7-12 in the fall, and both full and partial scholarships are available. (It takes more staff for the younger children.) We want all children to be able to attend.

Join us for Peace Camp! With room for 25 campers in each session, yoga, drumming, cooperative games and special guests will be part of the program.

Peace Camp Program for Teens

The Peace Camp program for teens will be different than for younger children, with age appropriate special guests, presentations, and activities for those in 7th-12th grade.

Here’s a one-page flyer that you can download and email or print and give to friends: English Español

Click Here for Peace Camp Photos and Videos

For more information, see https://hpjc.org/peace-camp/

HPJC Signs on to Letter Calling for Immediate Cease Fire in Gaza

June 8, 2024

HPJC’s Executive Committee, with no objections, has agreed to sign on to a letter developed by a “one voice coalition” of peace and justice organizations in the greater Houston metropolitan area driven by conscience to appeal to the Houston Mayor, City Council and our representatives in Congress to do what over 100 other cities, municipalities and local entities and their representatives have done, to call for an immediate cease fire in Gaza. We also call for the release of all hostages by both sides.

Around the world the horror of the more than 35,000 casualties of the war in Gaza, heavily represented by women and children, is a humanitarian disaster and worsening due to lack of food, water, shelter, and medical supplies. The entire population of Gaza is facing either crisis, emergency, or catastrophic levels of food insecurity. We call on all parties to prioritize the preservation of human life above all else. During this ceasefire, we call on all parties to unconditionally:

1. Facilitate the delivery of lifesaving assistance, including food, medical supplies, fuel, and the resumption of electricity and internet to Gaza, in addition to safe passage of humanitarian and medical staff. 
2. Allow humanitarian convoys to reach UN facilities, schools, hospitals, and health facilities in northern Gaza and commit to protecting them along with the civilians and staff.
3. Allow patients in critical condition to be medically evacuated for urgent care.

We also ask that you call on our elected representatives in the U.S. Congress to stop providing arms and tactical weapons to the State of Israel until a permanent cease fire is in place and an agreement to end the war is negotiated.

HPJC signs on to the Organizational Letter Calling on States to Support South Africa’s Genocide Convention Case Against Israel at the ICJ

January 2024

The HPJC Executive Committee agreed, with no objections, to sign on the the letter that over 1500 organizations have already agreed to, asking nations to submit Declarations of Intervention to the International Court of Justice in support of South Africa’s excellent case invoking the Genocide Convention against Israel.

Here is the complete text of the letter:

We, the undersigned organizations, commend South Africa on its Application to the International Court of Justice (ICJ) invoking the Genocide Convention against Israel. 

We now urge other countries to reinforce this strongly worded and well-argued complaint by immediately filing a Declaration of Intervention with the ICJ, also called the World Court.

Many countries have rightly expressed their horror at the State of Israel’s genocidal actions, war crimes and crimes against humanity being committed against Palestinians. Israeli Occupying Forces have bombed hospitals, residences, United Nations refugee centers, schools, places of worship and escape routes, killing and injuring tens of thousands of Palestinians since October 7, 2023. More than half of the dead are women and children. Israeli leaders have made brazenly genocidal statements openly declaring their intention to permanently and completely displace Palestinians from their own land. 

South Africa is correct in charging that under the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide, Israel’s actions “are genocidal in character, as they are committed with the requisite specific intent … to destroy Palestinians in Gaza as a part of the broader Palestinian national, racial and ethnic group.” 

Parties to the Genocide Convention are obliged to act to prevent genocide; therefore, action must be immediate. A Declaration of Intervention filed with the ICJ in support of the South African case against Israel is one way to ensure that all acts of genocide are stopped and those responsible are held accountable.

Israel’s killing, injuring, traumatizing, and displacing large numbers of Palestinians and denying water, food, medicine, and fuel to an occupied population meet the criteria for the crime of genocide. If a majority of the world’s nations call for a ceasefire, yet fail to press for prosecution of Israel – what is to stop Israel from ethnically cleansing all Palestinians?

For that matter, what is to stop other nations from repeating a horror of this magnitude?
We urge national governments to immediately file a Declaration of Intervention in support of the South African case against Israel at the International Court of Justice to stop the killing in the Occupied Palestinian Territories.

More information, including a list of the many organizations that have signed on to this letter, is at https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSckfVUjnsu-ypbFsbczDRc6XxUoQ-5sVJPLQcVLnfRkkLpiyg/viewform and at https://znetwork.org/znetarticle/international-coalition-forms-to-demand-end-to-genocide-in-palestine/

Statement about Gaza and Israel

from Global Exchange:

Global Exchange

The horrendous Hamas led murders and kidnapping of civilians in Israel last weekend do not give Israel the right to inflict collective punishment on the 2.3 million people of Gaza – half of whom are under 18 – who are unable to escape, are suffering constant bombing, dwindling supplies of food and water, and the threat of imminent invasion. 

Yes, we need a long-term solution to this generations old occupation to bring peace by finally ending Israel’s brutal domination and establishing a sovereign Palestinian state; but the immediate issue is stopping a genocidal attack on Gaza that will inevitably result in the death of thousands of Palestinians as well as the hostages taken by the Hamas fighters.  

All life is sacred and civilians – whether they be Israeli youth shot at a music festival or Palestinian children blown up by rocket fire – deserve protection.  We must talk about ending the military occupation, stopping the building of settlements, and to question the pernicious role of U.S. aid to Israel, but now is a moment to mourn the dead and to stop a massacre foretold in Gaza.

We call for an immediate ceasefire on all fronts and liberty for all hostages. We’re joining the American Friends Service Committee in their call for opening humanitarian access to Gaza now.

Write your member of Congress.

We agree with Win without War and their call on President Biden to de-escalate violence and safeguard all lives.

AFSC: Open Humanitarian Access to Gaza Now

Win Without War: Write President Biden

More, from Jaseem Pasha, MD, President/CEO of International Society for Empowerment, Enlightenment & Knowledge:

Desiring peace requires that all the parties involved in the dispute, as well as any arbitrator engaged in the peace process, have clarity in thinking in terms of what caused the dispute in the first place. 

This approach is crucial for organizations associated with human rights and other issues about humanism.

Desiring peace requires reminding us that the founding principle of peace is based only on one fundamental concept: “Respect for inherent human dignity, without excluding anyone.” 

This concept means:  

  • All human beings, without exception, are born with human dignity.
  • All human beings are equal in their dignity.
  • Human dignity is not acquired. Human dignity is inherent, innate, and intrinsic and is independent of what political and economic system, religions, traditions, or culture prevail. 
  • Human dignity is not a human right because human rights are acquired, subject to human-created laws, and can be taken away. Human dignity can only be respected or insulted, depending on whether the society is civilized or uncivilized. 
  • Only a genuine civilized mind and society are willing to embrace those ethics and moralities that respect human dignity without exclusions and double standards.
  • Without excluding anyone, respect for human dignity is the only civilized, equitable, and impartial point of reference that must be used as a baseline criterion to initiate conflict resolution, regardless of how trifle or enormous the conflict is. This criterion is so absolute that even the dead body of a convicted mass murderer, a rapist, or a traitor retains the intrinsic dignity and must be given proper burial[1].

Coming back to appealing to President Biden, it would be helpful to ask to integrate the concept of respect for inherent human dignity as a suggestion, regardless of whether they are Israelis or Palestinians. An arbitrator cannot be a judge and a jury.

[1] Whether dead or alive, the human body—created by God in the perfect shape—must be given dignity and respect. Most religions expound on this principle.

The Houston Peace & Justice Center endorses the following Resolution from the Greater Houston Coalition for Justice

A Resolution to appeal for the Protection of our Democracy and Save and Embrace Culture Diversity In America

Whereas; the teaching of Ethnic Studies; Mexican American, African American, Native American, and Asian American Studies is crucial to the understanding of the rich historical culture of our diverse America;

Whereas; understanding the rich historical culture of Mexican Americans, African Americans, Native Americans, and Asian Americans leads to an enlightened citizenry;

Whereas;  the Texas State Board of Education has unanimously approved the curriculums of Ethnic Studies of Mexican Americans, African Americans, Native Americans, and Asian Americans;

Whereas; an enlightened citizenry demonstrates increased tolerance and acceptance of the social differences between cultures;

Whereas; increased tolerance and acceptance of social differences between cultures leads to a reduction of hatred, bigotry, and racism;

Whereas; the Greater Houston Coalition for Justice’s mission is to defend the rights of all citizens to teach and read about the rich history of the different cultures interwoven in the fabric of the American tapestry; and

Whereas; Governors and legislators in Texas and Florida are denying high school students the opportunity to learn the rich history underlying the coveted idea of America by blocking the required teaching of Ethnic Studies; Mexican American, African American, Native American, and Asian American Studies in our public schools.

Now, therefore be it Resolved, that the Greater Houston Coalition for Justice respectfully request that Texas and Florida Governors and Legislators refrain from diluting the advancements made by the Texas State Board of Education by blocking legislation that promotes a better understanding of the beauty of our proud, culturally diverse states by making it required studies for graduation for all students.               

Let it be Further Resolved that the Greater Houston Coalition for Justice appeal to all national, state and local elected officials to honor cultural diversity as codified in word and intent in our United States Constitution; with Justice for All.

By a majority vote of those present at its duly formed February 11, 2023 meeting, I do hereby set my seal affirming this action.


Johnny N. Mata, Presiding Officer

Greater Houston Coalition for Justice (GHCFJ)

Statement on Russia/Ukraine War

Uncategorized / February 28, 2022

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is a violation of International law. We condemn it.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is a deadly escalation of a long-simmering conflict. Russia is not solely responsible for the tensions, but they are the ones who have initiated a large-scale military action. Russian forces should immediately withdraw to the positions established in the  Minsk II agreement of 12 February 2015.

But even as we condemn Russia’s initiation of the largest ground war in Europe since WWII we should remember that the United States and its allies have done much to fan the flames.

In 1998 when the Clinton Administration was expanding NATO, George Kennan, former U.S. ambassador to the Soviet Union and the architect of the Cold War “containment” policies told a journalist that growing NATO in the wake of the collapse of the USSR, “shows so little understanding of Russian history and Soviet history. Of course there is going to be a bad reaction from Russia, and then [the NATO expanders] will say that we always told you that is how the Russians are — but this is just wrong.”

Our mistreatment of Russia is not an excuse for this invasion, but as we search for peace and a negotiated way out of this deadly mess, it is important that we acknowledge that NATO expansion and the threat of Ukraine similarly joining the alliance is also wrong. But just as we have condemned many egregious U.S. violations of international law (Iraq invasion, murderous drone strikes, etc) we must similarly condemn Russia’s flagrant violation.

This is a statement by Global Exchange, and endorsed by HPJC. It’s at globalexchange.org/2022/02/24/russias-invasion-of-ukraine-is-a-violation-of-international-law-we-condemn-it

A Way Forward: A History of Racism in Law Enforcement

Recently The Center for the Healing of Racism examined the history of racism inlaw enforcement in the United States. Jeff Reese discussed the origins of the problem and how we got where we are today. Reese led the audience in seeking A Way Forward to dismantle institutional racism and mass incarceration.

During his 26 year career with the Harris County Sheriff’s Office, Jeff Reese worked as a hostage negotiator, suicide counselor, certified Mental Health Peace Officer, state-certified law enforcement instructor, and a front-line supervisor. After retiring from the Sheriff’s Office, he joined the Houston Peace & Justice Center (HPJC) and the Greater Houston Coalition for Justice. For the past three years, he served as president of the HPJC.

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