Plastic Free EcoChallenge

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Plastic pollution now contaminates the deepest trenches in the ocean, the highest mountain peaks, and even the air we breathe. Microplastics have been found in human blood, lungs, breast milk […]


PeaceCon 2024: It’s Ticket Time!

PeaceCon 2024: Get Your Tickets Today!Tickets for PeaceCon 2024 – Status Quo No More: Building Peace in the Time of Rising Violent Conflict are now available, and for a limited […]

31st Annual MLK Grande Parade

Midtown Houston 1200 Holman Street San Jacinto Streeet & Elgin Street San Jacinto Streeet & Elgin Street, Houston, TX, United States

The MLK Grande Parade wil be held on January 20, 2025 in Midtown Houston originating on San Jacinto Street & Elgin Street beginning @ 10A (CST). The parade's theme is […]

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