HPJC Responds to Tragedy in Uvalde TX and Buffalo NY

[Houston, Texas]

It’s time to say NO to the gun lobby and National Rifle Association (NRA) affiliation whatsoever, and stand up for common-sense controls on firearms, including weapons of mass destruction. These controls should include comprehensive background checks (not just by dealers, but at gun shows, too) for all firearm sales, plus bans on sales of assault-style rifles and large capacity magazines – which are not for personal protection and have no place in homes, businesses, or for hunting. A vast majority of Americans support such controls, yet too many of our elected representatives fear the gun lobby and loss of their campaign contributions, more than they fear the continuing senseless slaughter of children and others with the help of those military-style weapons.

The National Rifle Association (NRA) is beholden to the gun manufacturers for funding — and is helping gun manufacturers make millions of dollars selling weapons to irresponsible and hateful people, with positive-sounding words like “freedom” and “gun rights” to distract people from how the lack of adequate gun safety laws are causing so many deaths of innocent children and adults, and are making it easier for those filled with hate to cause senseless killing on such a massive scale.

We say NO to the NRA and the gun lobby, and call on our elected representatives to immediately do so, too.