Bill Crosier, President of Houston Peace & Justice Center discusses his organization and politics.

The president of the Houston Peace & Justice Center (HPJC), Bill Crosier, discusses the purpose of the organization and current politics.

Bill Crosier: President of Houston Peace & Justice Center

HPJC serves as an action center for peace and justice efforts. According to Crosier, they provide peace education, activism training, and collaborative resources for individuals, families, and organizations throughout the Greater Houston area to build a just, non-violent community.

Beyond its importance to our area, HPJC is a leader in collaborative regional work for peace and justice. The work includes advocacy in state legislatures, campaigns to achieve goals such as changing a multinational corporation’s behavior and mass mobilizations.

One measure of HPJC’s centrality to peace and justice work is its ability to call upon the resources of the appropriate organizations, institutions, and individuals both within and outside its membership to promote those policy goals its board places on its own action agenda. It has sufficient human resources to execute its projects, and it is able to turn out appropriate numbers for the public events and the meetings with public officials that it organizes.