Foreign & Military Policy

In 2015, HPJC sponsored a conference, “Peace or Wars Without End? U.S. Foreign Policy: A Conference to Explore Our Choices” featuring a lineup of speakers from the left and the right committed to stopping a U.S. foreign policy based in costly and violent intervention as “policemen of the world.” After the conference, several of the committee members who planned the conference as well as attendees decided to form a new organization which HPJC has endorsed, the Houston Foreign Policy Alliance. Other member organizations focused on peace and nonviolence are Campaign Nonviolence Houston and Houston Committee for Youth and Non-Military Opportunities.

HPJC supports non-violent organizations and activists to protest needless war and advocate for a more peaceful and diplomatic relationship with other world powers. Our Foreign & Military Policy workgroup currently has no chair. If you are interested in getting involved with this workgroup (and even chairing it!) please fill out the volunteer form.

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