Peace Education for Children & Families

The “Peace Education for Children & Families” group is an an important part of the Houston Peace and Justice Center. Members are committed to teaching non-violent problem solving plus much more, in a fun way.  Dealing with anger, stress, bullies, and racism are some of the areas in which the group focuses their efforts.  Reading books and stories (including about peacemakers through history who are often overlooked in schoolbooks, including women and people of color), preparing food for the homeless, crafts, and programs featuring activist guests are some of the group’s activities.

The Peace Club usually meets twice a month for a few hours, usually on Saturdays. This is for ages 6 and older. It is free to all

Peace Camp Houston is a summer day camp for grades 1-12, organized by this working group. Most years, the camp is held during 4-5 weeks (Monday-Friday, and not consecutively) at different locations in Houston.  Developing inner peace, resolving conflicts fairly, learning non-competitive games, and working for equality and justice for everyone are some of the ongoing goals. Pre-registration is required for each week where your child(ren) plan to attend. An online registration form is posted on this web site after details are firmed up for each year’s plans. Parents pay on a sliding scale and scholarships are available from HPJC. Also, please see the Peace Camp information page.

For more information, please e-mail [email protected].

If you would like to volunteer, please fill out the volunteer form here.